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Bracelet – Quartz Crystal – Kauai Rudraksha (large)


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Experience the magic of Quartz crystal, known as sphatik in Hindi. Believed to bring good fortune, enhance sleep, boost energy, and offer protection. These bracelets feature natural quartz crystals and a sacred Rudraksha bead, fostering a divine connection. Embrace spirituality and style with this enchanting adornment.

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Our Quartz Crystal Bracelets, known as sphatik in Hindi, offer a perfect blend of beauty and spiritual benefits. These bracelets feature natural, undyed quartz crystal gemstones, renowned for their properties that promote restful sleep, attract good fortune, boost energy levels, and provide protection.

Wearing quartz crystal during oblations for departed ancestors is considered auspicious, enhancing the spiritual connection with our ancestors. Each bracelet includes a five-faced Rudraksha bead grown at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, blessed in the sacred Kadavul Hindu Temple in Hawaii.

The five-faced Rudraksha beads are traditionally regarded as the most auspicious and suitable for all individuals. They serve as powerful aids in worship and meditation, facilitating a deep connection with the Divine.

Experience the beauty and spiritual blessings of our Quartz Crystal Bracelets, handcrafted to bring harmony and divine energy into your life. Embrace the auspicious qualities of quartz crystal and Rudraksha beads, and enhance your spiritual journey with these sacred accessories.

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