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Discover exquisite crystals from Hot Springs, Arkansas, with unique sizes and shapes. Among them, a majestic 700-pound sphatika Sivalingam, acquired in 1987, now graces Kadavul Hindu Temple. It represents the divine presence beyond forms, hailed as the most significant six-sided, single-pointed crystal ever found. Scripture lauds crystal as the supreme Sivalingam, and the temple’s Tamil architect deems it the greatest wonder, surpassing all crystal lingams in India’s combined power

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These exquisite crystals are sourced from the same Hot Springs mine in Arkansas as the Sivalingam now residing in the revered Kadavul Hindu Temple on Kauai, Hawaii. Each crystal possesses its own unique size and shape, adding to their individuality and charm.

In August 1987, Subramuniyaswami acquired an extraordinary sphatika Sivalingam—a giant quartz crystal—to enshrine in the magnificent Chola-style temple. Weighing over 700 pounds and standing at an impressive 39 inches tall, it remains the largest six-sided, single-pointed crystal ever discovered. Natural stones hold a special significance in Siva temples, symbolizing the presence of God beyond all forms and attributes. Among all stones, crystal is deemed the most supreme for the Sivalingam.

The temple’s esteemed Tamil architect, who frequently visits the island, considers the crystal Lingam as the greatest marvel of the temple. In his words, “If all the crystal Lingams in India were combined into one, they would still not equal the power of this one crystal.”

Embrace the sacred energy and wonder of these crystals, intimately connected to the divine legacy of the Kadavul Hindu Temple. Allow their presence to inspire and uplift your spiritual journey.


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