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The DevaTrek playing card deck contains twenty cards for yamas (guidelines for self-discipline) and twenty cards for niyamas (guidelines for spiritual observances) and two matching title cards with a web address. The card deck comes with instructions for playing four games that help children and adults alike learn and explore the yamas and niyamas.

“Match Up” is the common visual memory came that even little children can play. The cards are placed face down, players turn them over to reveal matches. “Catch and Match” is another easy fun game for children, based on the luck of the draw, that is played like “Go Fish.” “Getting to Know You” uses the deck of cards to trigger stories from the real lives of the players. “Let’s Make a Story” is the classic centuries old game where players are challenged to create a story together.

Even adults can have a creative, intriguing experience and at the same time have hilarious fun with “Let’s Make a Story.” DevaTrek cards will be fun for the whole family while at the same time helping to instill positive values and virtues into the minds of the young.

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The DevaTrek card deck features yamas and niyamas guidelines. It includes instructions for four engaging games suitable for all ages, fostering fun and creativity while instilling positive values and virtues in players. Fun for the whole family!

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