Ganesha – Fluorite Multi-Colored 80-89 grams


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Many crystal experts love the crystal healing benefits of fluorite and the healing energy it provides.


Experience the allure of fluorite crystals with their captivating variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Feel the soothing vibrations and enjoy deep relaxation with these fluorite Ganeshas, standing at approximately 2.25 inches tall. Enhance your focus, concentration, and energy levels with the protective properties of fluorite.

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Experience the profound healing energy of fluorite with our exquisite collection. Each fluorite crystal boasts mesmerizing colors, shapes, and sizes, captivating crystal enthusiasts worldwide. These crystals emanate soothing vibrations, promoting deep relaxation, improved sleep, and heightened energy levels. Embrace the protective properties of fluorite, enhancing focus and concentration. Our Ganeshas, standing approximately 2.25 inches tall, encapsulate the unique energy of fluorite. Invite the divine presence of Lord Ganesha infused with the transformative qualities of fluorite into your life. Embrace balance, relaxation, and amplified energy with these enchanting fluorite Ganeshas. Discover the wonders of crystal healing with this extraordinary combination.

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