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Introducing our unique Lepidolite Ganesha from India. Weighing 980 grams and standing at 15 cm tall, this rare gemstone is known for its mood-stabilizing properties. With a high lithium content, it promotes balance and harmony. Perfect for gifting to children, students, or moms on special occasions.

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Discover the rare beauty of our exclusive Lepidolite Ganesha, the only one of its kind available. This exquisite Ganesha statue originates from India, weighing 980 grams and standing tall at 15 cm.

Lepidolite, regarded by mystics as an exceptional mood stabilizer, is renowned as one of the finest gemstones worldwide. Its high lithium content, also used in anti-anxiety medication, contributes to its remarkable properties. Derived from the Greek word for scale, Lepidolite bestows balance and harmony, infusing a sense of calm and tranquility.

This Lepidolite Ganesha is a splendid choice as a first or second deity for older children or an ideal companion for college students in their dorm rooms. Celebrate special occasions like Mother’s Day or Pancha Ganapati with this cherished gift that mothers would adore.

Experience the divine energy of this unique Lepidolite Ganesha, bringing equilibrium and serenity into your life. Allow the harmonizing vibrations of Lepidolite to enhance your spiritual journey, invoking the blessings and grace of Lord Ganesha.


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