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The Guru Chronicles (Audio Book)


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Turn your favorite digital device into your choice spiritual tool, with an 8GB USB drive that contains The Guru Chronicles Audio Book, along with the PDF and other eBook versions (ePub, Mobi/Kindle) and other digital treasures. Authored by the swamis of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery. The book is read aloud by famed Hollywood voice actor, Raj Narayan (who was the voice of the Indian penguin in Happy Feet 2). Transfer the files to your smart phone, get out your ear bud, go for a walk and listen to the incredible story of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva), his guru Siva Yogaswami, and five preceding masters, who all held truth in the palm of their hand and inspired one and all to “Know thy Self.” The sweeping 2,200-year story of this remarkable lineage is told through the prism of Gurudeva’s journey of truth and illuminationand his eventual return to America to teach the path of enlightenment. Written in Gurudeva’s own friendly and approachable style, this book has filled readers with inspiration, clarity, and inner peace. Now this seminal work is available as an audio form on a removable USB drive which includes an abundant collection of extras.

  • Unabridged audio book (MP3 files) — over 23 hours of dramatic reading by Raj Narayan
  • Complete PDF and e-book editions of
  • the 814-page volume including all of
  • the beautiful illustrations by S. Rajam
  • 41 high-resolution art files
  • Gurudeva photo gallery
  • Vintage Gurudeva audio and video clips
  • USB drive is Mac and PC compatible
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Immerse yourself in spiritual wisdom with our 8GB USB drive, featuring “The Guru Chronicles” Audio Book, along with eBook versions and digital extras. Narrated by Hollywood voice actor Raj Narayan, this captivating journey unveils the enlightening lineage of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and his path to self-realization. Rediscover inner peace and inspiration wherever you go!

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