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Fourteen Charming Stories of a Mystic’s Life

With an Introduction by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

In this 95 page book we share fourteen of Gurudeva’s visions, and we let his own words, when we have them, tell the tale. Each story is different, from his first crib experience of the soul body to a dynamic vision of Ganesha and a shark in Mauritius in 1986.

While the stories are charming and easy to read, the vintage photos and original artwork help give a powerful glimpse into the extraordinary life of an American yogi.

The introduction by Gurudeva’s successor, Bodhinatha, teases us with brief stories of “what is not in this book.” Here Bodhinatha shares several intimate sessions Gurudeva and his monastics encountered with remarkable inner plane masters.

“What is not here are Gurudeva’s regular seances—which during certian periods were almost daily—in which he inwardly and boldly called to his table the tall, turban-headed Mohan, expert in astrology, who would answer questions stated aloud by the monk accompanying Gurudeva, who inwardly heard the answers and repeated the words aloud, slowly enough that the monk could accurately write it all down, by hand in those days, on a pad of paper, a back of a paper menu or whatever was available.”

Gurudeva’s Spiritual Visions is drawn from the larger biography of our guru lineage, called Seven Mystic Gurus coming early next year to the Mini Mela Gift Shop.

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Delve into Gurudeva’s visions with our 95-page book, where his own words narrate fourteen captivating stories. From his first soul body experience to dynamic visions of Ganesha and more, these charming tales come alive with vintage photos and original artwork, offering a glimpse into the life of an American yogi. Bodhinatha’s introduction tantalizes with intimate sessions of encounters with inner plane masters not included in the book. Discover a treasure trove of mystical experiences and spiritual wisdom.

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