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Hindu Scriptures


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This 16 page booklet tells us of Hindu holy scriptures. It asks questions such as: what is Hinduism’s revealed scriptures?, what is the nature of the Vedas?, are the Vedas still significant in today’s world?, what of the holy Agamas?, how does Smriti and the Puranas play a role in Hinduism?, what of the Hindu epics and other types of sacred texts? This booklet not only asks such questions, but it gives concise, straight-forward, and enlightened answers to these sometimes confounding and unanswerable questions.


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Explore the profound wisdom of Hindu holy scriptures with our enlightening 16-page booklet. Unravel the significance of the Vedas, Agamas, Smriti, Puranas, epics, and more. Find concise and straightforward answers to these intriguing questions. Get your copy now for deeper insights!

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