Hinduism Today April-May-June 2024


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Discover the essence of Hinduism in the April-May-June 2024 issue of Hinduism Today! Delve into the inspiring feature on the Chinmaya Mission’s groundbreaking Bala Vihar System, setting a high bar for youth education. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture with highlights from Bangkok’s Three-Day Hindu Delegate Gathering, uniting 2,100 delegates from 61 countries. Journey through the sacred corridors of the Kailasanatha Temple, a marvel carved from the mountain’s embrace. Experience the artistry of India’s traditional weavers and fabric artisans, preserving a rich heritage. Explore the Lifestyle section for insights into the wonders of cinnamon, the unconventional traits of Neem Karoli Baba, and the significance of connecting children with their Hindu heritage through toys. Engage with community stories, including how one ashram tackles the challenge of caring for the aged. Plus, gain profound insights from opinion pieces, letters, scriptures, and discussions on identity. Don’t miss this enriching edition!


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