Incense – Sandalwood Supreme (50gm pack)


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Delightful pure sandalwood incense, crafted in India. Its natural fragrance captivates without overpowering. Used daily in our pujas, loved by visitors to our Hawaiian temple. A sought-after item at our Mini Mela, bringing the temple’s essence to homes. Our favorite incense, chosen after careful selection.

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Indulge in the pure essence of sandalwood with our delightful and natural sandalwood incense. Free from overpowering perfumes, this Indian hand-crafted incense emanates a gentle and authentic sandalwood fragrance. It is the same incense we use in our daily pujas at the temple, and visitors to our Hawaii temple are captivated by its alluring scent. They often request it at our Mini Mela, yearning to bring a touch of the temple’s sacred vibrations to their homes.

After much exploration, the monks have carefully selected this incense as their favorite among the many they have tried. Its serene and soothing aroma creates an ambiance of tranquility and spiritual connection. Allow the fragrance of our pure sandalwood incense to uplift your space and elevate your spiritual practices.

Experience the genuine purity and blissful aroma of our sandalwood incense, crafted with devotion and cherished by all who encounter its divine fragrance. Immerse yourself in the sacred ambiance it creates, inviting a sense of serenity and reverence into your sacred space.

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