Lingam Quartz Crystal (small)


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Siva Lingams represent the aspect of God that is beyond everything, everything, beyond form, beyond time and beyond space. These clear quartz crystal Lingams were blessed by our uncut 700 pound crystal Siva Lingam. Perfect for any home shrine or just to keep with you wherever you go. About 0.75″ tall. 24-30 grams.

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Discover the divine essence of Siva Lingams, representing the transcendental aspect of God beyond form, time, and space. These exquisite clear quartz crystal Lingams have been blessed by our monumental 700-pound uncut crystal Siva Lingam. Whether for a home shrine or personal adornment, these Lingams are the perfect companions, measuring approximately 0.75″ in height and weighing 24-30 grams. Embrace the sacred energy and spiritual connection these Lingams offer, allowing their presence to guide and inspire you on your journey.

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