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Just Released: A magical book for children about yoga and the mind.

Lion Sage is a child’s version of the metaphysical master-piece Merging with Siva. It teaches children how to face life’s challenges, but most importantly informs them of their true identity.

Young ones are taught they are not the body which suffers now and then. They are not the emotions that well up in good times and not so good times. They are not the thinking mind. They are light and love; they are an immortal soul on a path of self-discovery. Knowing this one truth can alter a young life forever. As you take your children through these pages, you are providing a deep comprehension of life and values that few people have. You are teaching them to live in the now and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. You are giving them time-honored tools to create a happier, less stressful childhood.

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Lion Sage,” a child’s adaptation of the profound work “Merging with Siva,” empowers young minds to face life’s challenges while realizing their true identity. Children learn they are not just their body, emotions, or thoughts, but immortal souls on a journey of self-discovery. This profound truth can transform their lives, fostering a present-focused, value-driven, and joyful childhood, equipped with timeless tools for a happier future.

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