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Introducing our sacred quartz crystal prayer beads, a powerful aid for communication with the devas and Gods. Highly valued in Hindu temples, these pure conductors of spiritual energy amplify the connection between realms. Each strand of 108 beads, quarter-inch in diameter, brings a wonderful, holy feeling.


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There are various aids to communication between our physical world and the inner world of the devas and Gods. One of the most celebrated of these is the crystal. Hindus will recognize “crystal power” in the traditional use of gems (most of which are crystals) in temples. In Chidambaram, South India, is found the most famous example. Here the Siva Lingam for daily worship is a small quartz crystal, while the most celebrated image is the six-inch ruby Siva Nataraj brought out on special occasions. The Sanskrit term for a crystal is spatika, as in spatikalingam.

Gurudeva, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, explains that crystals are a means to transmit thoughts and energies between the Devaloka and our physical plane. Thus a crystal Siva Lingam, such as the very large one installed in the Kadavul Hindu Temple In Hawaii, will amplify the normal interaction of these two worlds brought about by the worship of the image. He recommends a small crystal lingam for a Saivite’s home altar which, properly treated and cared for, can facilitate contact with the guardian devas of the home.

Quartz crystal is considered one of the purest conductors of spiritual energy, highly prized even for temple icons. Prayer beads for mantra recitation made from crystal are very special. These small, smooth beads on a white thread have a wonderful, holy feeling.

Twenty-inch strand of 108 beads, quarter-inch diameter.

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