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This is the abridged edition of Gurudeva’s third Master Course trilogy book. Small enough to fit in one hand or a pocket this is a wonderful companion when traveling, commuting to work on the subway or spending some quiet time in the woods.

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Introducing the abridged edition of Gurudeva’s third Master Course trilogy book, your perfect companion for moments of inspiration and introspection. Designed to fit comfortably in one hand or a pocket, this remarkable gem is an essential addition to your spiritual journey.

Whether you’re traveling, commuting on the subway, or seeking solace in the peaceful embrace of nature, this compact edition is your gateway to profound wisdom. Immerse yourself in its pages, allowing the teachings to resonate deep within your being.

Let the transformative words of Gurudeva accompany you on your path, offering guidance, clarity, and spiritual nourishment wherever you go. Dive into its pages during quiet moments in the woods or find solace amidst the chaos of daily life.

With its portable size and profound insights, this abridged edition is a treasure you can carry with you, a constant reminder of the sacredness within and around you. Embrace the wisdom of Gurudeva’s Master Course trilogy and experience the profound shifts it brings to your spiritual journey.

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