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A richly illustrated catechism of Saiva Siddhanta for youth, drawn from the Master Course Trilogy, exploring how to live life, know the Divine, honor all creation and see God everywhere, in everyone. In sixty-eight illustrated lessons, this book conveys the basics of a 3,000-page Master Course Trilogy created by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (Gurudeva, 1949-2001), a legacy of profound, approachable teachings in three realms: philosophical, cultural and mystical. Path to Siva is a Mini-Master Course created by Gurudeva’s successor to inspire youth to know and follow that venerable way of wisdom embodied in the Saiva Siddhanta traditions of South India and Sri Lanka. It covers the following and more:

  • Self-Identity: Who am I? How can we see God? What are the three worlds? Being a strong Saivite
  • Philosophy: God Siva; Saiva Siddhanta; Our immortal soul; Death & reincarnation; Dharma & karma
  • Personal Life: A happy home; Virtue; Sin & evil; Religious tolerance; Hospitality; Harmony with others
  • Practice: Yoga, meditation; Appreciating the temple; Home puja; Pilgrimage; Caring for the environment

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“Path to Siva” is a richly illustrated catechism for youth, derived from the Master Course Trilogy. Explore the essence of Saiva Siddhanta, honoring all creation, knowing the Divine, and seeing God everywhere. In sixty-eight lessons, this book imparts the wisdom of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, inspiring the younger generation to follow the venerable way of wisdom in the Saiva Siddhanta traditions of South India and Sri Lanka. Discover a legacy of profound teachings in this approachable and captivating Mini-Master Course.

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