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Rudraksha – Five Kauai-Grown Beads in a Golden Box


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From Kauai, these rudraksha beads hold traditional significance. Wearing a single bead around the neck daily brings spiritual connection, while multiple beads are reserved for special occasions. They can be crafted into pendants and each box contains five seeds to grow sacred trees. Pre-drilled, mainly 5 faced.

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Experience the sacred essence of Kauai with our exquisite collection of rudraksha beads. Sourced from this enchanting island, these beads hold a profound spiritual significance and offer a gateway to divine blessings.

While traditionally reserved for special occasions, we present you with a unique opportunity to incorporate the power of rudraksha into your everyday life. Adorn yourself with a single bead mala, wearing it around your neck 24 hours a day, symbolizing your unwavering connection to spirituality, even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily routines.

For a personalized touch, our skilled jewelers can craft a stunning one bead pendant with silver or gold caps and chain, perfect for yourself or as thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Additionally, each box contains five seeds, allowing you to cultivate your own grove of these remarkable trees. Watch as they grow up to 60 feet tall, adorned with thousands of stunningly iridescent blue fruits, an awe-inspiring testament to nature’s beauty.

Embrace the spiritual journey with our pre-drilled, predominantly five-faced rudraksha beads from Kauai, and unlock the profound energies they hold within.


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