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Introducing our unique Iolite Ganesha from India, weighing 710 grams and standing 12 cm tall. While typically bluish, this Ganesha showcases a captivating greyish hue, shifting colors from different angles and beautifully reflecting light. Ideal for older children, college students, or as a thoughtful gift for Mothers Day or Pancha Ganapati. Iolite, known for its balancing properties, inspires motivation, focus, and responsible money management. In ancient times, the Vikings used Iolite to navigate the stars, making this statue a symbol of vision and direction in life.

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This Ganesha is the only Iolite Ganesha we have. He comes from India. He weighs 710 grams and is 12 cm tall. Iolite is usually a bluish color, but this Ganesha is more greyish. People who like grey colors would love this Ganesha. But he changes colors when seen from different positions. He looks beautiful with some lights coming down from above. He would make a nice first or second Ganesha for an older child or fit right in the dorm of a college student. Mom would love him on Mothers Day or Pancha Ganapati.

Iolite is used by mystics to gain balance in their lives. It inspires people to be motivated and less distracted. It helps to take on responsibility and finish jobs. It gives energy to help eliminate debt and be responsible for money. Iolite helps give vision and direction in life. The Vikings used Iolite as a filter to navigate the stars.

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