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Discover our one-of-a-kind Red Jasper Ganesha from India. Weighing 696 grams and standing 13 cm tall, this unique Ganesha showcases captivating inclusions of white and black stones. Associated with the root chakra, Red Jasper brings stability, energy, and a positive attitude. Embrace its grounding energy and invite joy and stability into your spiritual practice. Perfect for personal shrines or as a meaningful gift for children and college students.

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Discover the extraordinary allure of our exclusive Red Jasper Ganesha, a unique masterpiece that we have only one of. Originating from India, this remarkable statue weighs 696 grams and stands at a height of 13 cm. Adorned with captivating inclusions of white and black stones, it possesses an Aum symbol enclosed within a circle at the back of Ganesha’s head.

Red Jasper is intimately linked with the root chakra, the muladhara, known to provide stability and grounding. Mystics affirm that this stone imbues us with vital energy and fosters a positive, joyful attitude. Resonating with the Earth and the essence of life, Red Jasper invokes a deep connection to the natural world.

This Red Jasper Ganesha is an ideal choice for personal shrines, captivating the hearts of children and college students alike. Embrace the divine presence of Lord Ganesha and invite his blessings into your sacred space.

Experience the transformative energy of Red Jasper, and allow its stabilizing and inspiring qualities to infuse your being. Celebrate the essence of life with this exquisite Ganesha statue, serving as a reminder of joy, positivity, and groundedness on your spiritual journey.


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