Granite Lord Murugan


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We had these specially made in South India.

This murthi of Lord Murugan, posing majestically with one hand raised in blessing and sitting on his cherished peacock. The statue weighs 4370 grams and is 12 inches tall.

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Immerse yourself in the divine grace of our specially made Lord Murugan murthi, crafted with utmost precision in South India. This exquisite statue captures the majestic presence of Lord Murugan, seated atop his beloved peacock, with one hand raised in a gesture of blessing.

Standing at 12 inches tall and weighing 4370 grams, this meticulously crafted murthi showcases the intricate details and profound symbolism associated with Lord Murugan. Each feature is thoughtfully sculpted to evoke a sense of reverence and awe.

Bring home the divine energy of Lord Murugan and create a sacred space filled with blessings and protection. This masterpiece is a testament to the rich heritage of South Indian craftsmanship and devotion.

Embrace the divine presence and invite the grace of Lord Murugan into your life with this magnificent murthi. Experience the spiritual elevation and profound connection that this 12-inch-tall statue brings, serving as a timeless reminder of divine blessings and inspiration.

Free shipping in the USA.

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