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This is a handcrafted, expertly done black-granite Ganesha. This murthi of Ganesha measures in at 12″ tall and is very handsome with easy to see lines of detail. Crafted in South India and exported to Kauai, Hawaii, this statue will be shipped directly from our monastery on Kauai. We have 24 of these statues. Each one is slightly different and may differ from the photo. Each weighs approximately 20 lbs.

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Embrace the divine presence with this exquisite handcrafted black-granite statue of Lord Ganesha. Standing tall at 12 inches, this meticulously crafted Ganesha statue showcases remarkable attention to detail, allowing the lines of his form to effortlessly captivate the eye. Crafted with expertise in South India and specially exported to Kauai, Hawaii, each statue will be shipped directly from our revered monastery.

We are pleased to offer a limited stock of 24 of these statues, each one possessing its own unique qualities and slight variations from the displayed photo. Embrace the individuality of each black-granite Ganesha, as their distinctiveness adds to their charm and spiritual significance.

With an approximate weight of 20 lbs, these statues exude a sense of solidity and presence, symbolizing the strength and grace of Lord Ganesha. Allow the divine energy of Ganesha to permeate your sacred space, bringing blessings of wisdom, prosperity, and the removal of obstacles.

Experience the timeless beauty and spiritual essence of our black-granite Ganesha statues, crafted with utmost reverence and devotion. Embrace the divine energy that emanates from these exquisite statues, serving as a constant reminder of Lord Ganesha’s benevolence and the auspiciousness he bestows upon our lives.

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