Hinduism’s Nandinatha Sutras


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These Nandinatha Sutras cover the entire gamut of Hindu philosophy, ethics, customs, worship and ways of living. They were written by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami to guide his close devotees in both their inner, spiritual life and their outer, worldly endeavors. Yet they are by no means a narrow sectarian expression of belief and practice.

Leaders of many religions have written similar concise statements to standardize belief and practice, for example, the precepts of Buddha, the sayings of Confucius and the 19th century Shikshapatri of Lord Swaminarayan. Such aphorisms serve to summarize what might otherwise be many pages of abstruse scripture, or to put in writing and thereby preserve what is presently common knowledge and practice. Gurudeva addresses the common issues of the day, including the environment, the rights of women and children and the ethical boundaries of science. One way to bring these principles into your own life is to read one aphorism each day throughout the year. 32 pages.

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Discover the profound wisdom of Nandinatha Sutras, encompassing Hindu philosophy, ethics, worship, and daily life. Penned by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, these concise statements offer timeless guidance, addressing contemporary issues with an inclusive approach. Embrace these aphorisms to enrich your spiritual journey, one thought-provoking insight at a time. 32 pages.

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